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Zestra Essential Arousal Oils® was designed to be directly applied, before or during foreplay.

There is no cinnamon oil here and we’re not sure if an oil that strong would be safe for personal application, but we have no indication that the oils included here are useful.

The company produces at least 26 supplements or natural alternative treatments. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. is made up of patented botanical oils and extracts that contain no chemicals, hormones, parabens or drugs. We’ll take a look at the ingredients.Innovus Pharmaceuticals is the parent of Zestra. It looks like we have some oil and extracts, but nothing out of the ordinary. Works within 5 minutes, peaks at 10 minutes AND lasts up to 45 minutes. So how it worked...it took a few minutes to start working and just half the packet, so the three pack really ends up being good for 6. vasodilatation joint with an increase in local neurosensitivity. Zestra claims to improve a woman’s sexual desire and fulfillment with the use of their signature essential arousal oils.

Didn't smell like fry oil, bacon, or anything else remotely like that in our opinion.

We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment.On the official website, Zestra Essential Oils costs $39.99.“OK, but not as good as it once was. This indication, approved by Health Canada (NPN 80034229), refers to the new classification of sexual disorders in the DSM-5. Topically-applied. Do not use if you have a known hypersensitivity (allergy) to any of the ingredients in Zestra ®. The company mission statement explains that Innovus aims to capitalize on the “emerging over-the-counter (“OTC”) consumer goods.” The parent company may have pharmaceutical in the name, but this is not a company that works with prescription medications.Innovus Pharmaceuticals was accredited by the BBB on August 9, 2019, with a score of A+. Zestra is a blend of natural botanicals and extracts developed to heighten your sensitivity to touch.

Topically applied, Zestra is designed to work within minutes of application by heightening your sensitivity to touch.

It can give your partner additional pleasure. Only use …

This indication, approved by Health Canada (NPN 80034229), refers to the new classification of sexual disorders in the DSM-5. {Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Flavor.Fill in your email below to request a new password. Amazon typically handles returns for businesses. In 2007, a large clinical trial on 256 women, ages 21–65, with mixed desire/ interest/arousal/orgasm disorders, was conducted at 17 leading sexual health centres across the US. The sensation of tingling or heat may not start for three to five minutes. lasts a long time ! Across all three (there may be more), the average star rating is about three stars.You can purchase Zestra on Amazon and the official website.Because Zestra works by stimulating the skin, there’s a chance for side effects, especially in women with sensitive skin. These claims are supposed to be rooted in the result of clinical research that included women in menopause, women taking antidepressants, oral contraceptives, or certain other medications and women with “medical conditions affecting sexual sensation.”What kinds of oils did Zestra throw together to give women this feeling of a tingling sensation? Zestra® helps to temporarily improve sexual desire/arousal in women suffering from female sexual interest/arousal disorder. This was achieved over multiple uses. Cost of Zestra and Where to Buy. One product stung and did nothing else, very dry. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Most of these side effects would be the result of an allergic reaction to an ingredient in Zestra. Thank you so much Zestra.recommended by my oncologystGet specific details about this product from customers who own it.Here at Walmart.com, we are committed to protecting your privacy. The smell never bothered either of us, it was reminiscent of candy. Most women find that one packet or 4 pumps from the Zestra Essential Arousal Oils® bottle allows them to receive the maximum benefit. Rapid weight this was fragmented, complex, and would rather than to infection in the joint surface antigens. I have a great husband and our nighttime activities are wonderful, but my own body was getting in the way. Zestra is a safe and patented blend of botanical oils and extracts created to help women feel sensual satisfaction effortlessly. To know more about the changes in diagnostic criteria of sexual dysfunctions in the DSM-5, please consult Waguih William IsHak and Gabriel Tobia’s publication. Please take a minute to review our Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers.We’re having technical issues, but we’ll be back in a flash.Sorry, this webpage requires JavaScript to function correctly. Clinically documented to be safe and effective. It can give you much deeper orgasms. Zestra works effortlessly and within minutes by heightening your sensitivity to touch - for deep, pleasurable sensations, sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.

To see how real users were affected by Zestra, we took to Amazon reviews. Within vascular smooth muscle cells,Zestra® has been established, in two randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trials, to significantly improve woman’s desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction.
The prices on Amazon are: 3 Single Dose Packets: $8.95.

So, I am back getting some more because the only other options out there cost as much or the same as it does. [ Time Frame: For up to 1 year ] The number of patients prescribed PRILIGY who do not have a diagnosis suggestive of the approved indication. Let me tell you, I didn't. That’s uncommon in this section of the wellness industry, so our researchers jumped at the chance to look deeper into the arousal essential oils.The research team dug through information on ingredients, possible side effects and short- and long-term results of using Zestra. It comes in a pump bottle or single-use packets.